Light the way for customers to exit easily and safely with signals and sensors.

The DKS Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm is the newest add-on to DoorKing’s popular 1601 Barrier Gate Operator. While lowered the aluminum arm is lit with red LEDs sending a clear signal for drivers to stop. When raised the LEDs transition to green – easily alerting drivers when to pull forward.

Night Visibility at Long Distances

The red lights are visible for long distances and in weather with low visibility conditions.

Edge Sensor

The Arm can be equipped with a built-in edge sensor that reverses the arm on contact with an obstruction. This helps to prevent damage in the event of a barrier breach.

Two Sizes for Easy Shipping

DoorKing’s Lighted Signal Arms are available in two configurations: 14-foot solid arm, or as a UPS compliant two-piece kit. Three ways to order: Arm Only, Arm with Edge Sensor, or Arm with Edge Sensor and Signaling Lights.

The Model 1601 is for high usage single-lane vehicular traffic control. Typical applications include commercial, industrial, gated communities and apartment complexes. A quick 1.5 seconds rotation opening time, along with rugged construction and multiple optional features make this 1601 a versatile answer to many parking control problems. The 1601 is available in white or gunmetal gray finish.

For additional safety, choose the optional Loop Logic Pedestrian Awareness Sensor to avoid walkers in the path of the arm.


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