Voice and/or Data via Cellular,
Internet, or POTS

DKS Plug & Play Connection Options

DoorKing offers a variety of connection options for telephone entry and access control systems. These subscription options offer a simple plug & play method to program your entry system via an internet or cellular connection. The type of service you choose should be based on your particular needs, the application that the system is installed, and overall costs associated with these options.

In many cases, the DoorKing options are less costly than legacy options such as a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) business line, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers, or the time and cost of IT (Information Technology) personnel setting up routers, firewalls, port forwarding, DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) charges, and static IP addresses.

DKS Telephone Entry Systems

DKS Telephone Entry Systems

DKS Cellular Service

DKS Cellular Option™

4G-LTE AT&T Service
• Plug & Play voice and data (programming).

• Voice only option available.

• Compatible with all DKS telephone entry systems.

• Nationwide coverage where ever cell service available. Click here to check for AT&T coverage at your location.

• Retrofit to your existing DKS controller.



DKS Internet Options™

VoIP / Internet Connection
• Plug & Play for voice and data (programming).

• Voice , or data, only options available.

• Compatible with DKS 1830 and Access Plus series telephone entry systems only.

• Compatible with most VoIP providers.

• Flat rate monthly fee using DKS VoIP service.

• Use your own VoIP service and the DKS data only option for programming.

• Retrofit to your existing DKS controller.


DKS IM Server Modem™

Land Line for Data Transfer

• Plug & Play data transfer connection – voice service provided by local telephone company over the POTS line.

• Compatible with DKS 1830 and Access Plus series telephone entry systems only.

• Monthly fees depend on the number of residents in the system database.

• Patent #9,049,306.


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